Top 10 extremely sensitive skin care products for face

Do you wish to try a beauty product of a new brand on your facial skin but are afraid that it might bring unwanted side effects? If yes, know that you’ve got sensitive type of skin. It’s painful to get such reactions when all you want is to make your skin better. Sometimes, your skin gets unfavorable reactions like lack of humidity and dryness because of change in climate too.

Having sensitive facial skin is an extremely sensitive issue in life and if you don’t know about top 10 extremely skin care products for face, you might be missing out a big deal in your life.

1. Best face wash for sensitive skin: Olay Foaming Face Wash

If you’re suffering from high sensitivity of your skin, Olay Foaming Face Wash is something you should consider every night before bed. It is free from soap, oil and scent, therefore, a perfect sensitive skin care product for your sensitive skin.

2. Best face exfoliant for sensitive skin: Fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying Face Exfoliant

Exfoliation can be harmful for sensitive skin if your exfoliant isn’t mild enough. You don’t want to see any cuts or irritation on skin while exfoliating it, do you? But if your skin is not tough, normal or strong exfoliants will easily damage the upper layer of your skin. Therefore, you should choose an exfoliant that is gentle and soothing to your skin. Fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying Face Exfoliant is a great option if you’re looking to exfoliate skin without causing any potential harm.

3. Best organic eye cream for sensitive skin: Burt’s Bees Sensitive Eye Cream

Eyes are particularly special parts of face and when it comes to using a product around such area, you need a formula that is suitable and doesn’t cause any unwanted irritation on the area. Plus, it is more important that harmful chemical-laden products do not enter your precious eyes. This product consists of olive fruit oil and moisturizing cotton extract and is ideal if you’re looking for the best under eye skin care product.

4. Best sunscreen for sensitive screen: Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 60+

The reason why anyone would recommend this sunscreen is because it is hypoallergenic and free from fragrance. In addition, you will never have to worry about facing irritation as it contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which are naturally sourced sunscreen elements.

5. Best night cream for sensitive skin: Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Night Cream

Is your skin suffering from redness caused due to rosacea? Maybe it’s time to treat your skin with a gentle gel-cream as you take a beauty sleep. This formula contains licorice root extract which does all the magic! Moreover, it blesses your skin with its anti-fragnance and non-comedogenic nature.

6. Best hydrating foundation for sensitive skin: CoverGirl Clean Sensitive Skin Foundation

This non-fragrant and oil-free makeup product can be great for skin care than you might think. The glycerin of the foundation hydrates and protects your entire skin.

7. Best mushroom-based serum for sensitive skin: Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Advanced Face Serum

This time, we thank mushrooms for making this product possible. The serum has healing qualities for sensitive skin. It contains ingredients like reishi mushroom, irritant soothing chaga and cordyceps mushroom, all of which are commonly used in Chinese medicine for improving skin health.

8. Best anti-inflammatory cleanser for sensitive skin: Lancôme Absolue Oil-in-Gel Cleanser

The cleanser is a fusion of rose extracts and oil and it helps to remove oil, dirt and makeup off your face in a smooth and gentle manner. Due to the presence of fatty acids and antioxidants, it’s absolutely great for keeping your face hydrated.

9. Best mineral-based sunscreen for sensitive skin: Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen Lotion Tinted Face

This is one of the best sunscreen based on minerals and is suitable for sensitive skin. Dermatologists especially recommend this product because of its mineral content such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and anti-oxidants. Although most sunscreens leave out white residue after application, this one saves you from the undesired residue due to its tint.

10. Best Eye Mask for sensitive skin: St. Ives Hydrogel Eye Mask in Oatmeal

The product is a fine combination of glycerin, aloe vera and oat which are all great elements for soothing areas around your eyes. St. Ives Hydrogel Eye Mask also minimizes puffiness from under your eyes by providing cool and relaxing effect.

Any skin care product recommendations from your side ?

Mentioned above are the top 10 extremely sensitive skin care products for face. If you do have good experience with such products for sensitive skin, please do let us know in the comments below.

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