How to look good after 40

 Does the above title “How to look good after 40?” sound impossible to you? Well, many of us do.

Even though aging is inevitable, age is just a number for many. Most of those who have believed it have proved it too! They’ve defied their age with effective anti-aging tricks so that their age looks just like a number which keeps changing without affecting their health and appearance at all.

Recent scientific researches have discovered age-defying techniques that bring youthful looks and healthy physique even if you’ve exceeded 40.

Maintaining good looks after 40 is a lot more than just appearing or becoming youthful. It can immensely boost your confidence among your peers.

Just imagine yourself looking like a 30-year-old fit and fine person while all your friends are being dragged down in the miserable line of the 40s, of wrinkles, illness, and fatigue…

Still wondering how to look good after 40? Learn the beauty secrets revealed below:

1. Moisturize yourself

Moisture keeps your skin soft, turgid and free from wrinkles.

Prevent any unwanted fine lines from appearing on your face by using a good moisturizer regularly. Go ahead, apply moisturizer daily and age gracefully.


2. Revamp your wardrobe

Clear your wardrobe clutter of old-fashioned and unappealing clothes if you want to invite enthusiasm of youthfulness in your life. Then replace them with what flatters your youthful soul.

Fill your wardrobe with the clothes that flatter your age and makes you shine!


3. Laugh more

As the cliché goes, laughter is the best medicine and a wonderful stress reliever. Spend good times with friends with whom you can laugh.

Kick out all those tensions (that make you feel older) with bursts of laughter.


4. Eat more protein

Eating more protein is another answer to ‘how to look good after 40’. If you don’t trust me, try eating more of lean proteins, grains, and healthy fats and see how it brings magical radiance to your hair, skin, and nails.


5. Use natural skincare products

If you don’t want artificial products or circumstances to make you age pre-maturely, then leave it to nature.

Without absorbing chemical-laden products and absorbing natural products, your skin is likely to glow more naturally and healthily even after 40.


6. Drink plenty of water

I’m repeating it: Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.

Make it your habit and see how younger and more vibrant you’re going to look. Are you ready?


7. Use concealer

Although you work on how to look good after 40 in the most natural and healthy ways, there might be dark spots, dark circles, etc. still left to be healed or gone when you need a clear and charming face.

What if you need to look stunning on a date with someone today but still have ugly scars on your face? You simply don’t have any time for them to go away.

Use a good quality concealer and hide off everything that’s been putting your confidence down.


8. Meditate

Here is another free technique to get ‘how to look good after 40’ campaign started most beautifully: Meditation.

Embrace meditation as one of your stress-relieving activity and start seeing wonders in your life, especially your mental health with more patience, grace, glow and joy in life.

If you haven’t meditated before, you are going to be surprised by how calm and relaxed it makes you feel. By simply being in the present and not past or future, you naturally prevent stress and depression and thus, premature aging.


9. Don’t forget the sunscreen

Be careful of the sun for all the signs of old age it can bring to your skin.

If the sun is making you appear older than you should, say a bold ‘NO’ to it by applying a quality sunblock cream to prevent premature aging.


10. Get a facial every month

Sometimes, you need external aid to help you get the glowing and beautiful skin of your dream. Even though you might have all the best skincare products, equipment and skills to apply them with yourself, it is also a nice idea to reach out for a professional beautician every now and then for facial.

The experts in beauty have more skills and knowledge to help you enhance the health and glow of your skin. Consult with them for any advice you might need for your skin health and treatments.

Visit an expert beautician every month and get that fine facial you deserve. Let your skin breathe more deeply.

Are you ready for the challenge of looking younger after 40?

If your answer is yes, say goodbye to all the harmful habits that are dragging you down in the misery lane of 40s and implement the above-mentioned tips instead.

Apart from above-mentioned tips, there are many other ways to maintain your looks as you age down below 40. Some of them are exercising, wearing fitted clothes, getting a massage, getting a nice haircut, drinking wine, taking multivitamins and so on.

Time is running away and old age signs are continuing to grow. So what are you waiting for?

Act on them now! 🙂

6 thoughts on “How to look good after 40”

  1. Hello

    This is an awesome post. Your layout goes well with the content.
    I got inspired as I read your post.

    I am 52 and don’t like meat – I will definitely start eating more meat now.


    1. I’m glad that you like my post. If you don’t like meant and want to add more protein to your diet, lean proteins, grains, nuts and seeds are great options. 🙂

  2. You seem to imply that eating loads of candy and covering myself with chemicals is a bad thing. Well, I guess I knew that. You are definitely right about using concealer! I always look like I got punched in the eyes because I can’t sleep properly. No doctor, habit, or medication has ever been able to help me. I know now that I should drink more water and try meditation. Thanks for your advice!

    1. Thank you for sharing about your life, Cathy. I’m sure that both water and meditation will help you a lot more internally to bring that balance you’re needing in your life. Hope you will start sleeping well soon because I think life is so much better when we get a good amount of sleep. 🙂

  3. I think stress is the number one factor that ages people. Stress can lead to bad habits like smoking, drinking, and over-eating, all of which do not help our bodies natural processes take care of ourselves.
    Anything that can help reduce stress in our lives will help us look younger. As you say, meditation is great, drinking plenty of good quality water is good for flushing toxins out of our system, and laughter is definitely the best medicine!
    Walking in nature, spending quality time with friends and family, and eating good quality natural foods also help.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Wow, Andrew! You pointed out a true fact about stress being the number one factor of aging. Thanks a lot for sharing it. I hope it is much easier for people to follow the ideas now. 🙂

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